October 2011 was the turning point in my life. My personal and my business lives were changed forever. David Wood knew I was not pleased with the way the network marketing model worked. I have a hard time making money just because of my team, I wanted to make money with my team. The standard Network Marketing model requires 90 percent of your team to barley get by so they make their autoship, so you can get your big check. I wanted a system where I could make money with my team not because of my team.


Three years ago David said, "Roy, I have the solution but you must meet me in Orlando". I told him, just tell me what it is. He wouldn't do it, so I came to Orlando and during the middle of the "Live The Dream" event, we had our own little secret meeting in David's suite. The first day there were only a few. Then word spread and the next day it doubled, then more the next day. I was there in the beginning. If you watch any of the video from that first night, you will see me standing next to David Sharpe while he explains the system on the whiteboard.

I was blown away. I had never seen a system like it, because there never has been a system like it. Since then, many have tried to copy it but they have all failed. Why, because as we just learned in the State of the Empower Network address. David was so determined to see his dream come true, that he has personally been funding it out of his pocket. I don’t know anyone else that would have done that for three years.

We now have a CEO and a creative director running Empower Network like a real company. A company that will be here in 10, 20, 30 years.  Yes we only make 70% commissions but we never made 100% because we were paying all the fees. Now we make a full 70%, so that is a lot easier to explain to your new prospects. No one else pays 70%, so where else are you going to go. The company must make money to grow and sustain itself. I for one want this company to be around forever. I want my grandkids to take it over from me and pass it down to their grandkids.

If you are one of those that chase after every shiny object that catches their eye, you will never succeed. But if you want to be with a company that will be here when you great – great - grandchildren are looking for the best company to work with, then you should be in Orlando.


If you are on my team and are not coming because you have no place to stay, I have a room and as long as there is floor space, you are invited. Evey event I have attended, I learned something that changed everything for me. I made new friends that helped me. Get to this event. You still have a day. Be here.


Roy Harris

Review3 – iPAS2 – What problems will it solve. 
Hi my name is Roy Harris and I am here to take you on a journey. A journey where you wake up inside someone else’s’ life. It may or may not be very similar to your own journey. We will see.
This morning you wake up in John’s body. Now if you are a woman, this would be a definite change already.
John wants to make money on the internet. So since you are John, what do you do? You start searching for businesses on the internet. You quickly find that there is no end to the number of possibilities, but which do you choose. 
Do you open a webstore where you have to create a website, find a supplier or a drop shipper, you have to enter all the merchandise into the website, prices and descriptions. Find a payment processor, you really need to take credit cards. Then you have to advertise, learn SEO, and so on and so on and so on. It never ends. Then when someone buys, if you didn’t get a drop shipper, you have to deal with shipping, breakage, and lost or misdelivered items.
That sounds way too hard and would take months to start making any money. So let’s try affiliate marketing. That looks easy and pays out pretty quick. OK, we now need to build a website for each product we sell, or we just direct everyone to the offer and collect nothing but a stipend from each sale. We still have to advertise, and we are constantly looking for the next hot thing.
There should be something easier. Let’s try Network Marketing. This is like the AmWay model of selling. It has worked well for 70 years, it must be good and some people make a lot of money. So now to find the best company with a product we can get behind, and a great compensation model. Every person we talk to says their product, company, system, and compensation plan is the best. It would be so much easier if there was a simple way to decipher all the gibberish.  My criteria is it has to be a good value, not something I can get at Costco. The pay plan must be simple. The more ways they have to pay, it seems the less I make. Now we have a company, we need to go “All In” to make the maximum pay. Now we have a garage full of stuff and we have to make a list of all of our friends and relatives. Wow, this doesn’t seem to be working too well either.
Next morning we wake up as Mary, surprise guys and you thought we had it rough.
Mary is a very smart cookie. She also wants to make money and stay at home with the kids. She has seen all the “opportunities” out there and was not impressed. She then heard about a totally new system, called iPAS2. It is advertised as the world’s first “turn-key” internet franchise model. Mary checks it out. No website to get and set-up, no product inventory to deal with, no making a list of friends and relatives, no looking for something to sell, no people to deal with if we don’t want to, and a very simple straight forward awesome compensation plan. 50 to 70%, up to 100% on several products and most products pay unlimited levels deep. But the best thing is she will have a coach from the very first moment she signs up for the trial offer of only $7, she has her own personal coach to help her every step of the way at no cost to her. Now that sounds like the best system available anywhere, wouldn’t you agree. Call 1-800-738-2410 to learn how you can take advantage of this incredible offer and the advantages and bonuses of joining my team. GoTo www.DCC4U.com
Watch for the next video in the series. On how iPAS2 will help you explode your existing business.  


If you don't want to read all of this,

just click this link


and sign up now, it's FREE.

I am hearing about a new company out there claiming to be free.

Their sign up page was even copied from ours. Don't be deceived, they are not free and they cannot have 100% payouts.

We tried that. It is not sustainable. Think about it, if you went to your local grocery store and they were giving everything away for free, they will be out of business in a few hours.

So no one can give everything away for free. However if you are looking for a system with very close to 100% payouts, PAY very close attention. iPAS 2 has been in development for several years. I know, I have been a very heavy investor in the company for the last 4 years.

I have invested thousands of dollars in the iPAS and iPAS 2 systems. Why would I do that, just to make money? I could have been making a lot of money without iPAS.

But, I was sick and tired of watching my business partners, people like you who have not been able to make money in a business.

The problem is, everything out there takes a tremendous amount of money, time, and effort to make money.

For example the career path - you go to collage for 4 to 10 years. You have to pay off all those school loans. You practice your craft for several more years and if you are lucky, you are making $150,000 a year by the time you are 40. A lot of people don't make close to that.

Now, let's look at the business owner - still have to go to school. You have to learn your business, accounting, sales, marketing, shipping, customer service. You have the cost of the store, inventory, utilities, and the bills go on and on. There again, if you are lucky you can be making a net profit of $150,000 by the time you are 40.

Then there is network marketing referred to as multi-level marketing. Sometimes people do very well in this business model in a few years. But this is what bothers me about network marketing; 98% of people fail. The sad thing is, you need them to fail for you to succeed. You are probably asking yourself, what is he talking about. Think about it. In network marketing you need 98% of the people to pay for their autoship every month or you don't make your commission check. Most of those people are barely making enough to pay for their autoship. But you keep pumping them up, making them think that just around the bend, they will be the one making the big check. You have to do that to keep them going, or you have to go find a replacement for them in the system. It's a constant battle in the MLM world of always having to bring in new blood. You stop recruiting. you stop making money, and the money is very good. You are probably pulling down $200,000 to $2 million a year.

The next group are the affiliate marketers. They make money selling other people's products. Every few months you are having a product launch to keep sustaining your income. This is expensive and gets very tiring.

To be truthful with you, most people can and will never make it in any of these models. Going to college, running a store, building a network marketing team, of becoming an affiliate marketer takes a lot of freaking time and money.

And the truth is, most people will not work that hard.

So what is your option?????

Go back to watching TV, have another beer, because in the morning the alarm is going to go off again, way too early and you are going to have to drive through that nightmare of a freeway system to go to the crappy job you hate and the boss that is always on your case.


Maybe there is another solution.

The solution I have spent years helping to develop.

Who am I and why would I do this. I have been trained by the best of the best; W.

Clement Stone - LOOK IT UP

Donald Trump - you shouldn't have to look him up.

and numerous others.

I want a system my mother could have used, God rest her soul.

I want a system, you can use.

Well, it is finally here. It is called iPAS2 even though over the years it has gone through several iterations. And before we send it out to the world, we want some beta testers. And for beta testing the system, we are giving it away for free. But don't wait, as soon as the scores of attorneys and FTC compliance people give the thumbs up we will be charging full price for the system. And the preliminary approvals have all been given. The attorny's have seen everything and given approval with a few tweaks they have requested, we could go live in 24 hours.

Do it NOW!!!!

It costs NOTHING right now to receive this incredible system.

So you need to go to this link right after you sign up for the Hangout.


Get on the Google Hangout I am holding on Wednesday night. I will answer all of your questions about how to use iPAS2 to finally succeed in business and in life.

Click on this link to sign up. Do This First...


I am excited to have you as my business partner. Let's make 2014 your best year ever.

Together we will succeed.

Together Forever,

Roy Harris

P.S. - Sign up NOW for iPAS2, it's completely FREE. http://ipas2free.com/?id=rharris

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